Student Essays

In an effort celebrate Union County’s bicentennial and that which makes us unique, the Union County Bicentennial Committee reached out to students in grades K-8 throughout Union County and asked “What Makes Union County Special?” Thank you to the students who shared their love of home and what makes Union County special. Thank you also to our panel of judges for reading the entries and selecting the winners We’re sure that it was a tough decision! Congratulations to our seven winners!

Judges were provided by Marysville Exempted Village School District


Special salute to the contest sponsors: 

Union Rural Electric, Culver's and Marysville Exempted Village School District 

Grades Kindergarten - 2nd

Union County: Half City / Half Country

An essay by Arden Carey

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First Place

I think Union County is special because it is half city and half country. It is also cool that (as I am writing this) we don't have any cases of COVID-19 in our county.

There are so many other counties that are either city or country, but we get both. Our City of Marysville has lots to offer. There are plenty of parks, restaurants, entertainment and places to shop. There are lots of historical buildings and sites to visit and Marysville Uptown Friday Night celebrations.

In the Villages of Richwood, Milford Center and Magnetic Springs there are great little unique stores and small town restaurants. People walk around their towns and say hello and wave and are really nice to each other. These Villages offer parks that have lakes to fish and swim in, rivers to canoe on, and can enjoy good old-fashioned hometown sports.

Out in the country areas of Union County, people share their spaces and help their neighbors with their farms and crops. There is a great sense of sharing and caring and cooperation. People here will share their food and homemade products for all to enjoy.

Union County is special because it can offer everything to everyone!

Grades 3rd - 5th

Union County

An essay by Kailin McElroy

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First Place

How would you like to be in a place that has the big city feel,  but the country feels too. That is Union County and that is why it is so special.

Union County has lots of great features, but the mix of busy city and the traditions of country are my favorite. We have some big cities in Union County like Plain City and Marysville. They have great places to eat like Der Dutchman and Half Pint.

These cities have great parks to play. They also have great schools that are doing big city things with their education like STEM and college classes all while they are in high school.

Union County has great history. Did you know that Marysville just turned 200 years old? Did you know that people used to come from miles around to drink the water in Magnetic Springs because it was so special. Union County's country side is cool too. Driving by cornfields or seeing tractors busy is a typical day in certain parts of Union County .

All of these great cities and towns with history and awesome features make Union County so special to me. I hope you can see it too.


What Makes Union County Special?

An essay by Hadley Premuda

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Second Place

Union County is a significant symbol of a great county, from it’s major buildings, to it’s amazing history, you can see why it’s so special.



Glacier Ridge is extraordinary, because of the different activities it beholds.

4-H is big in Union County due to having lots of farmland. The Honda Heritage Center is a big part of our society. It shows how creative our society is and is said to be powered by the power of dreams. They behold tours, and shows off cool cars. These are just a few of the amazing features in Union County.



Darby Creek runs through Union County and makes the town special by adding cool geography. Our covered bridges are a cool way to travel. Union County's farmlands are one decisive part of our geography, and landscapes.



On January 10, 1820, the Ohio government commissioned Union County.

Many cultures and diversities have moved here since then. Union County was named because it was made by taking away from other county's.


So now you know why Union County is a significant symbol of a great county, from its major buildings, to it's amazing history you can see why it's so special.


What Makes Union County

An essay by Landon McCain

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Third Place

Union county is special in many ways. Let me tell you some of the ways. These are the topics we are going to discuss: businesses, geography, and history.



Our businesses let us use goods and services. Honda of America manufactures cars. Scotts makes fertilizer to make lawns look pretty. Nestle does research and makes food. Those are some businesses in Union County.



Geography is important. We have farms that help us grow food and it also provides food for around the world. The cities we have hold most of Union County's population. Union County is close to Columbus which people think is good because people like to be in the city.



Union County has a rich history. A famous resident is Noah Orr known as Marysville's Giant. Also another famous resident is James E. Robinson is also known as the grandfather of former first lady Brabara Bush. In 1893 a railroad was built through the village that they badly needed to sell and   trade.

These are just a few examples of Union County businesses, geography, and history. Come to Union county to experience Union county life first hand and enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape.

Grades 6th - 8th

Union County

An essay by Linnea Olofsson

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First Place

The water slides along my arms and flies through the air after every kick. I touch the wall and look up to see the faces of my teammates, gathered here at practice. I am swimming with the UCY Hurricanes, rooted right here in Union County.


My racket rings as the ball rockets off of it. My shoes squeak against the court and the sun shines off of the net. I've been playing tennis at Eljer Park ever since I was 7, and after 6 years, my passion for tennis has grown. Now I'm on the school team.


Running under the bridge, climbing up the net, and going down the slide are my happy memories of Allen Center Park. When I was a kid, we'd bring a picnic lunch so that we could stay for hours.


Biking on the Jim Simmons path, sunlight filtering through the trees, shining on the vibrant purple, white, and yellow wildflowers. This is one of my favorite things to do with my family.


Music, singing, laughter and applause fills the air during musicals and concerts at Veterans' Memorial Auditorium.


All of this and more are the reasons why I love living in Union County.


What Makes Union County Special

An essay by Laynie Burgle

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Second Place

To be able to come to union county is a remarkable honor for it has some amazing qualities. In my opinion Union County is a magnificent place to be.

Union county has entertaining celebrations and holidays. For a celebration of Easter, Union County hosts an easter egg hunt in Past Time Park. The Union County Bicentennial Parade is also celebrated along with Marysville Fourth of July Parade and more.

Union County's geography increases many interests for Union County has unique covered bridges. In fact many covered bridges in Union County are red to give the country farm effect as most of the county's barns give off. The county is mostly flat lands, fields, and plains, but it is also built with cities and nearby stores.

Many activities are offered in Union County that you can enjoy as a family. The Plain City Pool, Union County Fair, All Ohio Balloon Festival, Elger Park, and Union County's very own Historical Society can grasp your interests and let you have a great time.

The amazing possibilities you can reach in Union County are extraordinary from its geography, holidays, and activities. Once again Union County is a magnificent place to be.


What makes Union County Special?

An essay by Hannah Bury

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Third Place

Although Union County is only just one of the 88 counties in Ohio, it is much more than just that. Union County holds in it the World Headquarters for Scotts, a very big Nestle factory, and a huge Honda plant. But more than that, it holds people. These people are what makes Union County what it is. Even more importantly, the people are what make Union County home. Home. It is a word that means something different to everyone. But to me, home is Union County.

That is what makes it special. There may be places to live that are more interesting or exiting or even beautiful, but Union County is home. I love all of our parks, I love that they decorate the town for the holidays, and I love that this place brings people together. They say that home is where your heart is, and my heart is definitely in Union County. That is why it is very special to me.